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LawReviews USA website was established to provide up-to-date and reliable information about lawyers in the US and to enable lawyers to manage and strengthen their online presence.

The uniqueness of the LawReviews USA website is that it is a platform that allows clients to choose the most suitable lawyer for them according to a variety of parameters, such as: recent clients opinions, the firm's areas of practice, the firm's location, the languages in which the lawyer's service is provided and more.

Until the establishment of the LawReviews USA website, clients relied on word of mouth recommendations from their acquaintances or searched for information on the Internet, forums and Facebook groups in order to find other clients' opinions about lawyers. There is now one site, which centralizes all the information about lawyers - academic experience, professional experience, general information about the lawyer, photo gallery, articles and videos and of course - reliable opinions of the lawyer's previous clients, classified according to the areas of practice of the lawyer. The LawReviews USA website allows clients to be impressed by the lawyer and the degree of satisfaction with him / her.

If you have not found a particular lawyer on the LawReview USA website, please contact us and we will be happy to add them (if he / she is interested, of course).

We hope that the LawReviews USA website will help every person find the most suitable lawyer for him/her, and for every lawyer - to get the clients he / she needs.

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